Conservation is the protection of things found in nature.

Currently, the Pallas Cat is listed as 'Near Threatened' on The IUCN Red List. 'Near Threatened (NT) means it is likely that it will be threatened in the future if not enough is done to protect it.


The Pallas Cat population is decreasing. We don't know exactly how many Pallas Cats there are out in the wild, but we do know they are facing major threats to their survival.

A portion of proceeds from our books and educational product support conservation efforts to help Pallas Cats and their environment.


Special thanks to the following organizations for their assistance, expertise, and all the work they do for Pallas Cats:

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Pallas Cats are currently listed as “Near Threatened” on The IUCN Red List. Learn more about Pallas Cats and what needs to be done to protect them from going extinct by visiting iucnredlist.org


Pallas’s Cat International Conservation Alliance (PICA) is helping to raise awareness of Pallas Cats with the communities that live beside them through the creation of learning materials. You can visit pallascats.org to learn more about Pallas Cats and download FREE educational resources.

Steppe Wildlife Conservation & Research Center is dedicated to protecting Pallas Cats and other wildlife in Mongolia’s steppe zone. They work with the local community to increase awareness and change behavior by making conservation personal. Visit steppewildlife.org to learn more.


Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation (SWCCF) works with local partners around the world to identify and reduce threats to small wild cats and their natural habitats. Visit smallcats.org to learn more.